"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Thursday, April 14, 2016

2016 Australian Quilt Convention.

In the past when I go to craft shows I  usually go with a friend, but this year everyone I asked about going to the AQC was either working or doing something else, so I went on my own.  With apologies to the friends who have accompanied me on previous occasions, it was much better without company!  I arrived at 10.30 am and set off to look at the sellers stands first before inspecting the Quilt Show.  I was able to browse the stands at my leisure without distractions, and I found everything that was on my shopping list.  I had been keeping a note for the last month, of things I wanted that aren't available in the local shops, and I knew I'd find them at the AQC. 

Around 12 noon I was started to feel hungry, so headed over to the eating area, but all the tables were packed, and there were long queues to the coffee and food stands.  So I decided to look at the quilts instead and it was just as well because otherwise I would have missed out on a very interesting talk by"Brenda Gael Smith,  the curator of one of the show categories "A Matter Of Time".  There were 32 entries from Australia, USA, UK and New Zealand.  Several of the quilters were there to give a brief talk about their work, and I was privileged to hear my favourite quilter Linda Steele, explain how she created her stunning quilt "Life On The Reef".   Here she is pointing out some detail on the quilt.

I took about 40 photos and will post them on my Needlecraft Shows blog shortly.  I have posted about half of them now, and I will do another post here when I've completed them.  In the meantime, here are my purchases.  Spent a lot more than what I'd planned of course...but as it is the day before my birthday, Ken was forgiving!

1.  Wave ruler that I saw demonstrated last year, but the rulers were sold out before I could get one. Now I can't remember what to do with it!  Never mind, I'm sure I'll find something on YouTube.
The other is a scalloped edge ruler, which was being demonstrated as I was walking past the stand on the way out, so I stopped and watched.  Can't wait to make something with it!  The lady had a lovely cushion cover and other items which she allowed me to photograph.

2.  I  had a small rotary cutter but it broke, and even though it has been put together again, it is a bit wobbly, so I bought this one along with the wave ruler, because I'll need it to use that ruler.

These weren't on my list, but I do need them to complete other projects.  The Japanese print will be perfect for a border for a Japanese panel I've had for a while.  And I have been after clouds fabric for years, to make a cute pattern with umbrellas appliqued over it.  Can't wait to do that now!

These weren't on my list either, but how cute is this owl panel!
 I have more than enough cats fabric, but couldn't leave this behind.  Just as well there were no chook fabrics anywhere this year!
   Classic bike fabric to keep the husband happy....

I've seen these old time prints in advertisements before, but when I saw what the stall holder had done with them to embellish them, well, they joined my other purchases, didn't they.

One stall had thousands of laces, ric rac and braids.  I always stop and look but haven't bought any in previous years because I have so much in my stash.  But I don't have any Elvis braid!  Do now though ;-)

And here is what it looked like as the day wore on.  I thought the first day would be quiet, but no, it was busy.  Hate to think what it will be like on the weekend, just glad I won't be there!


Jane Galley said...

that should keep you busy for a while

Sharon said...

Funnily enough I nearly rung you Wednesday night to see what day you were going - but like all of my intentions of late - it too sailed out of the window... Due to a hectic weekend I probably won't make it - but never mind there is always next year. I am glad to see you had such a productive time "flying solo" :) Take care x

Shawne Roach said...

You definitely got quite the assortment to keep you busy for a while. Have fun with it. I think I would add beads to the women fabric. Fun.---Shawne (krystal from nova scotia)

Linda Steele said...

Loved seeing your purchases Gina. That was certainly an action shot of me talking about my quilt? I have been going on my own for the last couple of years and find I like it as well, although I usually arrange to meet someone for a coffee break.