"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Sampler mini quilt finished.

I finally made up those orphan blocks from my first patchwork quilting classes!  Funny thing at the time I was doing these, I only wanted to learn how to make these designs, which I could  never figure out by myself looking at books.  There were more blocks and the tutor went on to show us how to make them into a quilt, right up to the finished quilt stage.  But I was only using scraps from my stash and they didn't all really match up, my other blocks were pretty badly made, and I wasn't interested in making a quilt then as I didn't have the machine to do it properly and it all seemed too hard.  So these block were put away until I was decluttering this year and I decided they were too nice to hide away any more.  So, here they are made up into a table topper or throw, which might or might not be displayed in my house at some time in the future.

Here are some other orphan blocks I had tucked away, and I have sewn borders around three of them.  I might make them into cushions, or just mats to have under things.   The three red toned blocks were experimental "wonky" patchwork, and I am still wondering what to do with them. I plan to add a wide border to them and see if they would be okay for making up three cushions.  Any suggestions?


Jane Galley said...

That's turned into a lovely little quilt. I've got some blocks hiding upstairs waiting to be used for something

Selina B said...

i think your wonky reds would make lovely cushions! they are adorable!
love the mini quilt
thanx for sharing