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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Bird quilt has a new home.

I just posted this on the Down To Earth forum, but most of my blog readers wouldn't see it there, so I am posting it here as well:
The quilt got a very favorable reaction at the dinner on Saturday night.  The committee had obviously been discussing the raffle and instead of selling tickets for $1, they stapled tickets on to sheets of paper and sold each sheet for $10, so in effect people were paying $10 for multiple chances to win.  They sold nearly $1200 worth of tickets!  There were 70 people there and many bought more than one sheet (Ken bought three, he wanted to get the quilt back home, lol!).  A lady who looked to be in her sixties won the quilt. She was so happy, every time I looked over at her table, she was stroking it or showing it to someone!  She told me her sister does a lot of quilting, so I said I hoped her sister wouldn't look too closely at mine as I'm no expert, and she laughed and said she wasn't worried about that!

I've been asked to make another one for the Xmas raffle, and one of the committee members wants me to make six placemats using some of my bird fabric, for his Xmas dinner table!  I will run out of fabric at this rate!  He has offered to pay me for the placemats, which is good. If I do another quilt for the Xmas raffle, it won't be a big one like the first; I'll just make a table topper or lap quilt.

Ken also wants me to do another photo quilt, but not of birds.  He has a good friend who is into vintage motor bikes, and Ken wants me to do a quilt featuring photos of vintage bikes for him.  I told him that I wasn't going to do any more full size bed quilts as they take too much time and effort, and he said a small one would be fine.  Then I had a thought for another one for us; using photographs of our cats and dogs over the years, make a Pets memory quilt/wall hanging!

And that's not all....we were in a cafe in Eltham yesterday and I was admiring the aprons that the girls were wearing.  They were all the same, made out of denim, and looked really cute.  I asked if they were custom made, and the girl I asked didn't know, but assumed they were.  I did a little sketch on a paper napkin and told the girls I was going to make one for myself, and they want to see it when I do!  So I've got the fabric out on my sewing table now, and was planning to do it today, but time got away as usual and I haven't done anything with it yet.  Looks like another late night session coming up.  Sigh....it's the only way I get anything done for myself around here!

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Jane Galley said...

glad it went to a loving home, you are going to be very busy