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Friday, August 28, 2015

Vintage handkerchiefs

I have been given handkies since I was a child (we all got them for Xmas in the fifties), and I have also picked up some embroidered ones for my collection in recent years.  But apart from a few that are special to me, I am happy to offload them to other collectors, and some of the ladies on the Down To Earth forum have expressed interest in seeing what I have.  So grab a cup of tea and have a look at the following photos :-)
I have indicated which ones I want to keep and which I am willing to part with.  For the benefit of other readers of this blog, this offer is restricted to DTE members for now.
I will part with all the boxed sets except the men's handkies (my husband is in need of those, and I like the box!)

The photo below is of vintage handkie holders in my collection, which I will keep, but thought you might like to see them.  The Dolly Varden handkies weren't with the holder, but I keep them in there.

These handkies (below) are ones that I would prefer to keep.  I have a pattern for a quilt using handkies for the blocks, and I'm hanging on to these to choose from when the time comes.

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