"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

UFO challenge has reinvigorated me!

Whilst challenging others reading this blog to show their UFOs, I posted pictures of some of mine.   Nice to see quite a few have taken on the challenge, but a bonus side effect for me is that I have motivated myself to do something!  I got out some of the orphan blocks again last night and spread them on the kitchen floor to see what I could come up with.  The Sunbonnet Sue blocks will be teamed with alternative blocks of different fabrics.  I'm not using the two other blocks in this picture as they are too big, and too much pink.

I moved these blocks around for about 20 minutes and photographed each layout before deciding I liked this one best.  (But that can change, lol)

When I was tidying all these up, I found a single orphan block that was made from a kit that I was given at a craft show.  Here is the block, lying on top of a metre of fabric while I made up my mind whether to use it or something else.

After I'd made the block, I couldn't decided what to do with it, so parked it in the cupboard where it was forgotten until last night.  I had been wanting to make another wall hanging for our kitchen, as the ones I've been using before the renovation didn't really suit the new wall, and I was keen to make one with chook fabric that I have in abundance.   But when I discovered my applique rooster, I thought YES!  So today, this is what I finished up with.  Hubby has yet to notice...wonder what he will say.


krystal s said...

Your new rooster wall quilt turned out wonderfully. Love the print that looks like chicken wire around it.

Christine M said...

Your rooster wall hanging looks great, Gina. Lovely blocks too.

Jane Galley said...

he looks perfectly at home there