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Friday, February 27, 2015

Making a quilt from a silk sari.

I've been given a raw silk sari by Ken's cousin's wife, who has asked me if I could make a quilt from it.  It is mostly plain green with a border of cream colour on each side of the length, and one end is cream with embroidery on it.   I really have no idea where to start - can anyone offer advice?


krystal s said...

Without seeing the sari it is hard to get ideas. I would think however that you could make it into the type of quilt that is displayed at the end of the bed. You could add some beading or embroidary for more texture. Or both.
Whatever you decide I am sure it will be beautiful when finished.
----Krystal(Nova Scotia)

Jane Galley said...

I agree with Krystal, without seeing it it's difficult to say. Is it just one length, or is there enough to do a full quilt?

Gina E. said...

I will take a photo of it tonight and post it shortly. Thanks for your comments :-)