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Monday, December 09, 2013

Christmas table mats

The bunting I made only used smaller pieces of my Christmas fabric stash, and even that left more little bits that I was reluctant to throw out. As well as that I had a few little blocks left over from last year's projects, so I got them all out and made up these two table mats for my SILs (my brothers' wives). We had afternoon tea with my family on Sunday and although we don't usually exchange gifts, I decided to give these mats to the SILs anyway. One of them dabbles in patchwork and the other does no craft work at all, so they were both delighted with their mats!
and this is the back.

this is the back.


Wendy said...

I love your mats Gina! You have great Christmas fabric!

Sharon said...

Hi Possum -replying here since your email isn't working... Just hang onto the doillies until we catch up whenever that will be... i don't seem to know which way is up these last few weeks... Let me know what you think would be an appropriate donation to the Guild or gift for that lady who did them... Take care now x x