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Friday, October 18, 2013

Terrible fires in New South Wales.

The reports on the NSW bushfires have been shocking, and it may get even worse on Sunday as the weather prediction is more heat and wind.    Whenever there are extreme fires around Australia I feel so helpless.  It's no use to anyone but I wish I could do something other than donate cash to the Salvation Army or the Red Cross, which I will be doing online shortly.  Thanks to Ken's late Mum we are in a position to be generous, although it will be a pittance compared to what will be needed there in days and months to come.

Wonder if anyone will be doing a quilt collective for the fire victims, now that Jan Mac is no longer organising the making and collection of quilts for disasters over at Oz Comfort Quilts?   She was actually on vacation up in the Blue Mountains a day ago, according to her blog.  I hope she and her family haven't been caught up in the fires.

I follow quite a few blogger in NSW and some of them read my blog in return.  If at all possible, please leave a message here to let us know you are okay (or not) and if there is anything people down here can do for you.


Linens and Royals said...

Yes I am OK but suffering from smoke and flies today but how dare I complain when I still have a house.
Making quilts is a great idea but I think I would be so slow at it the homes would be rebuilt long before I had finished. I think I will give a cash donation instead. Sylvia

Jane Galley said...

I was watching the pictures on the news last night, quite distressing for all involved