"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I-Pad shoulder bag and Xmas card inserts.

Once I get going on something, it's hard to drag me away!  Ken had his first pulmonary rehab session at the hospital today which mean the afternoon was a write-off for doing any sewing, but I was itching to do a couple of things on my list of to-dos, and once dinner was over, I headed for what Ken calls 'my end of the house', and got to work while he watched a new DVD.

A friend recently told me that she'd lost the shoulder bag that she carried her I-pad in, and asked if I could make her another.  I've never made a bag before, so I looked at magazines and online for instructions, and although I found plenty of tutorials, I couldn't get my head around them.  So I asked one of my new blogger buddies (one of the PNG Quilt donors) if she would show me and she said, yes of course, come on over!  Sue lives near my hairdresser, so after I'd been there on Monday, I went over to Sue's place.

She started to tell me how to make a simple bag, and even borrowed her son's I-pad to cut out a template for me to use.   I started to write directions on it, but she could see that I was confused (blonde and senior is a bad combo, lol), so she took some fabric from her stash and proceeded to make a bag right there so I could see how it was done.

She made it look so easy!!   But she is a very creative and busy lady, so if you haven't visited her blog yet, hop over and see all the things she makes for charity groups.  Thanks again for your help Sue - I truly appreciate you spending all that time with me :-)

I knew that if I didn't make a start on my I pad bag, I would forget everything Sue has shown me, so I was determined to do it last night, and I did.   My friend is an Elvis fan, but also loves cats, so I decided to put Elvis on one side and some cat words fabric on the other.  It only took me a couple of hours!  Think she will like it?

 I still had enough time to make a start on some little patchwork Christmas card inserts. I've committed myself to a card swap and have to make nine cards by mid November.  I like the patchwork cards I made a couple of years ago, so I did some more of those.  Not quite the same, but the same principle.


Annie said...

Very cool bags --- simple and effective.. the best kind.

I can't imagine committing to so many cards, but looks like you've got a handle on it. Those quilty ones are so pretty and right for the season.

Sue Niven said...

Well done! That Elvis print looks Divine!

Jane Galley said...

Brilliant, I love that cat fabric. I was only thinking the other day I could so with a bag for mine, so much more practical than a cover when you're out and about

Linda Steele said...

Great idea, love the IPad bag.

Mary said...

My friend showed me how to make a bag, using patchwork squares I had made in a class but had decided not to put together into a quilt as I didn't really like the overall design. All went pretty well till I put the lining in - and discovered that the handles were inside the lining! Now I use that bag a lot but haven't made any others since. I am feeling inspired by your iPad bag though. Thanks.