"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Monday, August 05, 2013

Another baby quilt, and one half finished.

This lovely quilt arrived today from Sue W. in NSW, who emailed me to say she is not an expert quilter.  Hey!  Did I say I only wanted expert quilters to donate??  No - this is for anyone who is kind enough to use up some of their stash for a good cause!  I think Sue's quilt is just as charming as all the others that have been donated so far.

Talking of inexperienced quilters, this is one of two quilts that I'm working on.  I had these strips all stitched up ready to make a scrappy Chinese Coins design quilt, but I'd forgotten all about them until I was poking around in a corner yesterday and discovered them.  I didn't have to do anything except combine the strips with sashing and a border to get to this stage.  It is still a tad small, so I'll add another wider border before I put the filling and backing on. 
The other quilt I'm working on is all pinned up ready to stitch, so it can wait until that's done before I post a photo.
Tomorrow I'm off to the Guild with my Peacock cross stitch sampler which has been neglected over the past month.


Annie said...

2 nice ways to use fabric scraps for quilts.

So nice to see all the quilters donating their time and finishes for this project. Keeps one's faith in humanity alive!

Jane Galley said...

What lovely, cheerful colours for the quilt, perfect for children.
Have fun with your stitching

Melody said...

Lovely happy quilts. Hope to see you Thursday