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Monday, April 22, 2013

AQC purchases, and photos of convention.

I have posted my photos of some of the quilts at the AQC over at my Needlecraft Shows blog here.

These are what I bought at the Quilt Convention on Saturday - mostly fabric, two kits and a HUGE cutting mat which I haven't bothered photographing, because everyone knows what they look like.  The Scissorman had them out for $34.95 or two for $60.  I asked Cheryl if she wanted one so we could get one each for $30, and she said "I'll do better than that".  She had a word in the ear of one of the sales ladies, who asked the man in charge, who looked over at us and nodded.  Cheryl came back to me grinning.  "I got two for $50 - no harm in asking!"

A metre of Laurel Burch fabric.  I LOVE her cat fabrics (thanks to my friend Sylvia) so I couldn't resist this.  Don't know what I'll do with it yet of course, but I will find a use for it!   This photo is not good at all, sorry.

I bought a fat quarter of this kitty fabric years ago, and have been making it last as long as I can, so I was pleased to see it on one of the stalls for $10 a metre.  

Ken saw a small quilt when we were up at Warburton and wanted to know if I could make him one like it.  The one he saw had tractors or something, and he asked if I could get fabric with bikes on.  "Ask and thou shalt receive!".  I asked at all the fabric stands at the show, and at the last one we went to, the guy behind the counter produced this panel, and some fat quarters with smaller patterns.  Ken was delighted when he saw this, so I think my first project on the new machine will be a mini quilt for him!

I had no intention of buying a pattern for a Christmas tree (I made a wall hanging of a tree last year - why would I want to do another one so soon?) but the stall had three different made up versions of this, and one was done in Aust. Aboriginal design fabric, and it looked fabulous.

This was silly, really - $10 for a pattern using felt, when I've got books and magazines full of them already...but it is cute.


Linens and Royals said...

Love your Laurel Burch fabric, I've never seen it for sale at craft fairs before, I bought mine on Ebay. Don't know what I'll do with my Laurel Burch fabric yet but great to have on standby till inspiration strikes.
Fabric with cars bikes etc. shows there is fabric for everyone. Sylvia

Lyndel said...

oh Lucky Ken, he'll love that fabric!