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Sunday, August 19, 2012

One good turn deserves another!

RAKs are popular among bloggers lately.  Random Acts of Kindness, or one good turn deserves another, whatever you call it, has a way of working in unexpected ways.  A friend contacted me about a month ago, to ask if I knew anyone who collected swap cards, as she wanted to get rid of her childhood hobby collection.  I do collect them myself, but not the cards from C's era of the seventies, so they were of no interest to me.  But I suggested to C that I ask the swap card  collectors club if they would like to buy them, and she said that's fine.  So I phoned 'B' the secretary and arranged to take C's cards over there and see if she thought the club would like them.
B was pleased to see me, and delighted with the cards.  We sat in her kitchen and while reminiscing over a cup of tea, she suddenly remembered she had something for me.  She disappeared for a minute, and returned with an old card table cloth.  She remembered that I collect linens, and has had this one for years. 
Needs a soak of course, but it is in excellent condition, and is a different design to the others that I have in my collection. After some more talking, B remembered that she had unfinished embroidered items from her mother and grandmother, and as B isn't an embroiderer, she offered them to me. Whooo hooo!

 Unfinished apron complete with cottons.
 Sweet little supper cloth above, closeup of design below.
 Doiley to match the supper cloth.

Centrepiece and matching doilies, started in very neat stitching.
 A box of threads...I don't know how people can work with a tangled mess like this!  I will only keep the skeins, the rest will be thrown out.
 A box of skeins in one colour which is such a beautiful shade of gold-beige.  I'm sure I can find a project suitable for this!


Miss 376 said...

That will keep you busy for a little while

Doreen G said...

Well done you.
Gina if you haven't thrown the tangled threads out yet can I have them please because a fellow member of the guild makes up Christmas boxes(through her Church) for women and children in Africa and she will diligently sit and untangle the threads and then wind them onto cards to enclose in the boxes along with fabric-needles etc.

Linens and Royals said...

Your kindness was repaid in a very nice way. Those items are a great collection addition. Sylvia

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

All of it is so lovely! It is always nice to be surprised like this!