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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

CQ block finished, fabric stash, opshop find.

Doesn't take me long to bounce back after a virus (non computer) attack!  This gal has too many things on her agenda to be lying around in bed all day.  Seriously, the MOTH is laid low with a virus that has hit his lungs hard, so he'll be lying around in hospital if he doesn't come good by the end of this week, according to his lung specialist.  I'm just very fortunate to be a fairly healthy person with no chronic conditions to slow down my recovery of everyday bugs.
The first thing on my to do list once I was up and about, was to finish the long overdue July CQ block.  Here it is - red, white and blue theme.  I'm not really happy with the layout of the ties, but I'm certainly not going to pull it apart and start again!

 I even got as far as laying out the ties for my August CQ block (which in theory should be half finished by now...) the theme being 'elephants' as I discovered I had seven ties that featured elephants on them.  I'm not going to do the usual 'crazy' lay out of fabrics this time, instead I've done a sort of log cabin thing.  I just thought it looked better with all those elephants.

 Two parcels arrived in the mail today - both full of patchwork fabric.  This was provided by Jan-Maree to motivate me to make more quilt tops for Aussie Heroes.  Don't need too much motivating, sweetie!  Thanks heaps!
 I found this six piece set of embroidered placemats at Vinnies today - $3.  I LOVE Assissi designs!

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Miss 376 said...

I can't believe you had so many ties with elephants on, have fun with them. That was a great find too, they look perfect