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Friday, March 02, 2012

Suffolk Puffs (Yo Yos)

Today was one of my volunteer days at our Guild, and I decided last night that I would take some scraps of fabric and make yo yos while looking after the Front Desk at the entrance. The Front Desk Hostess has to answer phone calls and greet anybody coming in through the door, but it's not a busy place apart from the annual Exhibition weeks, so volunteers always bring some stitching to do in between phone calls and visitors. I made nine yo-yos to add to my collection which I keep in a large glass jar.   I was asked if these were for a specific project and I said no,  I just make a few now and then, pop them in my jar, and if I need to embellish something that I'm working on, I can just pick one or two  yo yos from the jar and use them.
I'm back at the Guild next Tuesday, and I'm thinking about making hexagons instead of yo  yos.  I've seen so many pretty projects done with Hexagons, I am itching to try them.  But I will have to be more selective when I pick out fabrics; the yo yos are just any old scraps in my stash.

I've added a button to my tea cosies - see the little chicken on here?

And the ties cosy has a tiny gold teapot charm on the purple fabric.

It looks like I'll be making a LOT more teacosies than I'd originally planned!
The Guild are fund raising to cover costs of a huge renovation of our building, and the committee are calling on all members to make something of their choice to add to the Guild "Gift Shoppe" this year. In the monthly magazine, they said that tea cosies were enormously popular - in fact they ran out of them soon after the gift shop opened last year. I am confident that I can whip them up in a day, so I'll be busy from now on!

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Miss 376 said...

looks like you've made a good start. How long before they sale?