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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Quilt Convention & Expo in Melbourne

Sharon and I went to the Quilt Convention yesterday, despite both of us having colds. We got there just before opening time (10 am) and left when it closed at 4.30 pm, so we didn't let our colds stop us enjoying our day! We were both very circumspect with our credit cards, trying to simply admire everything without wanting to buy everything as well. I came home with two kits and some ric rac.
I also spent $15 on a very useful workshop - I've always wanted to learn how to make Tumbling Blocks, which my tutor didn't show us last year, so when I saw this listed in the Workshops, I signed in for it as soon as we arrived. We were supplied with precut diamond shapes and the plastic templates, and the tutor gave us pre-threaded needles to sew the shapes together after she'd explained how to use the templates. This is as far as I got, as we ran of time before I realised I'd sewn the colours the wrong way for the second block. But I know what I did wrong, so if/when I attempt to do a panel of tumbling blocks, I'll be aware of the correct way to place the fabrics.
The quilts on display were as always, absolutely spectacular. I took 40 photos - far too many to post here, and I can't decide which ones to leave out! So I have created a temporary blog here just for my photos. Please consider leaving a comment there if you have a look, so I can decide when to delete the blog.


Judy B said...


You may have the order wrong for Baby Blocks, but you have got it right for a six pointed star. Fill in the outside with the light fabric. Colours are rather nice!

Judy B

Miss 376 said...

Like the look of Home to Roost, that should be fun to do.

Sherri said...

Hi Gina, I haven't been to visit your blog in a long time. I'm enjoying all your projects and photos. The quilt my Grandma made for me as a wedding gift was the tumbling blocks pattern. I just love it! It took a while for my eyes to actually see the "tumbling blocks" LOL. I love your colors and am looking forward to watching your progress.

PS - Thanks again for getting the Finch kit for me. I love it!