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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Pot holder, printed handkies.

One of my American-born friends (married to an Aussie) showed me this pot-holder the other day. Her grandmother drew the pattern and taught Glenda and her sister how to embroider it, when they were little girls. I thought it was so cute, and asked Glenda if I could borrow it to make a copy, and she was happy to do so.
I found these two hankies in the local opshop for 30 cents each - what a great find! I hadn't washed and pressed them when this pic was taken. I'd love to have any suggestions from readers as to how I could use them in something.

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Joy V said...

Gina - I love the potholder - she is soooo cute!.
With the hankies why don't you use them as the centre of a crazy block and surround them with japanese material and then embellish them. They would make beautiful cushions.