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Monday, April 13, 2009

My latest Fabric postcard, and updated on TAST stitching.

Here is my finished product - Colours Of The Rainbow fabric postcard. This will be in the mail tomorrow to Doreen in A.C.T. She is my exchange partner in the Yahoo FPC exchange this month. One of the many Groups on The Stitchin Fingers website is called TAST - Take A Stitch Tuesday. A new embroidery stitch is posted on the site every Tuesday, and left there for a week so group participants can learn how to do it, and practice. I kept up to date for the first 9 weeks, then I got sidetracked with other projects, and lost a bit of interest as the stitches became more complex and I couldn't get my head around them! But I've now decided that is a silly attitude, and I've had a renewed go at catching up with the other members who are now way ahead of me. Out of the nine stitches I've attempted so far, four still have me beaten. Here is my sampler showing the other five. Running stitch was a cinch. Who can NOT do running stitch? The woven wheel (green) is just passable, but the woven spider web (red) looks like the spider had been drinking Tequila. That one needs a lot of practice. Basque stitch had me tricked until I changed from stranded cotton to Perle cotton, which made it a whole lot easier. I rather enjoyed Crossed Buttonhole, once I got the hang of it, but again, I need to practice this a lot before I use it on a stitching project. The last "stitch" in green is supposed to be Bonnet Stitch. Yup. Well, maybe one day. That might be another example of something that works better in Perle than stranded cotton. As I wrote on the TAST site, I'm only using stranded cotton for these samples, because I have so much of it, and want to use it up on something.

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Miss 376 said...

The fabric postcard looks stunning. Well done on the TAST catch up, I've still got a few to do. I found some of them looked complicated, but weren't too bad once you got into the groove. Not sure I could stitch them again without checking the instructions