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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Free fabrics stash!!

Today at the EGV, I looked in the Remnant Drawer as I usually do, just to see what has been thrown out by other Guild members. This drawer is a large deep drawer and is mostly nearly empty, because other people get there before me. But today I struck gold! I think someone must have been clearing out a deceased estate, there was so much material, I don't think it was the result of one person having a clean up of their stash. I took a bag full of goodies, as did one of the other members who came in just after me, but the drawer was still overflowing when we left! Here is what I have added to my stash:
A piece of cream colored Aida, a square of canvas type material, perfect for a needlepoint project, and a piece of fleecy material suitable for padding patchwork projects.
Pieces of material in assorted patterns.
Pieces of material in floral designs.
Useful fabrics in plain colours.
Ten completed hand stitched blocks for a quilt!

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