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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Vintage embroidered picture of Japanese origin.

Lee-ann gave me this beautiful piece last time we were visiting their home. I hadn't put it on the blog before because I wanted to find out more about it if I could. Dammit, I forgot to take it to the Guild on Tuesday! but I did show it to one of my Japanese friends, and she seems to think it is of Japanese origin because of the significance of the cranes and flowers on it.
It is very large - 5 feet/152 cm long, by 27 inches/68 cm wide. Unfortunately but not surprising, given its age, the stitching is badly worn in some places, and some of the dyes have run when it has been washed at some stage. But it is still a magnificent addition to the collection - thank you Lee-Ann!


Chelle said...

Magnificent is right! Thanks for sharing the pics.

Maggie Ann said...

Very beautiful work indeed!

stitching aussie style said...

It is a beautiful piece of work for you to preserve!