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Sunday, February 18, 2007

What's on the go, and what's in the pipeline.

What is on the go, is my Indian Chief UFO. Late last year, I put my name down as a participant in a UFO/WISP challenge (UFO = Unfinished Object. WISP = Work In Slow Progress). My chosen project was the Indian, and now that I have completed my Valentine Heart for Nicole, I can go full steam ahead with the Indian. Today, being another day unsuitable for anything except staying inside with both airconditioners working overtime, I phoned my friend L. to invite her over here to do some stitching. L. lives in a house that has no airconditioning, and a steel deck roof like ours, which means the indoors temperature on a day like today can be up to 35 deg.C - very uncomfortable. She is an occasional cross stitcher, i.e. only when I am around to motivate her! So she was happy to spend the day here and stitch along with me in between cold drinks and cups of tea.
What's in the pipeline is a photo or two of some lovely doilies I received from my friend M. in Queensland, who happened to mention my passion for linen to her local Vinnies lady. I said I would happily pay the cost plus postage, and last week unannounced, I received a COD package, which at first I was going to refuse, but when the post office staff told me who the sender was, I twigged - M.'s Vinnies friend had found some linen!
It is not far off midnight as I type this, and still dreadfully hot and steamy (it rained for a few seconds earlier), and I just can't get up enough energy to scan the Indian and my new doilies, but at least I've written about them so you can expect piccies here in the next day or so.

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Chelle said...

I'm looking forward to a peek at the Indian Chief!