"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Monday, February 19, 2007

Two Centrepieces/large doilies

Here is one end of this lovely doiley. As usual, I didn't get around to ironing the creases out before I scanned this one!


Lee-ann said...

Hi! Gina,
sent a big hello etc. email to Robyn the other day but havn't heard back yet hope all is ok!

Your doiley and center pieces are lovely as always.

We are just home from a little trip to the coast what a wonderful time we had too.

Now we are back working and doing all the things we have decided we would rather not do but we would rather be beach B..m's :o) No truly must get back to the real world now!!! working, washing etc.lol

I loved your comments on my valentines post thanks so much Gina, give your dear heart a hug for us won't you. (keep cool)

Maggie Ann said...

What a beauty!