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Saturday, January 20, 2007

New apron for my collection.

This cute apron arrived via eBay yesterday. As I had nobody to model it for me, I had to tuck it into the chest of drawers to photograph it. Now that I know how to work my digital camera, you can expect to see more photos of the larger items in my collection that I have not been able put on here previously. In fact, I think I might set up a few separate blogs for different items, as once I get going, there are going to be literally hundreds of photos. My ultimate goal is to create a kind of online museum of my collection, as I will never have the money to set them up physically in a building of any kind for people to visit.
My ideas for categories are (1) Aprons (2) Tablecloths (3) Teacosies (4) Duchess sets (5) Table runners (6) Doilies and other small items. I could also create blogs for themes, as I did for Peacocks. Crinoline Ladies is the first category that comes to mind, but here I have a dilemma; I have them on every kind of linen item in the collection! So, for instance, my "Aprons" wouldn't be a complete set of Aprons if I didn't include the ones with crinoline ladies on....help! Well, it's all in the thought process stage so far, so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Incidentally - Nicole, I haven't forgotten you wanted to see more of my swap cards! That will be ANOTHER blog...


Chelle said...

Gina I love your idea for an online museum! Fantastic!

Maggie Ann said...

Pretty! I always enjoy visiting...smile.

Gina E. said...

Hi Chelle and Maggie Ann, thanks for commenting. Chelle, I am still thinking about how to go about it, so any suggestions you can make will be taken on board!

knittingand said...

There is an exellent piece of free software called "gallery" that you can download from http://gallery.menalto.net

I use it on my website (currently down because I changed web hosts yesterday). I have over 2,200 images in it and can put thousands more in if I want to.

knittingand said...

I forgot to mention, my website is http://www.knitting-and.com

When the new web host copies the files over you can see the gallery at