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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Goals and lists...

Chelle has written a lengthy piece on her blog about making lists and setting goals. I'm like Chelle, in that I love to organise stuff (see my post about organising other people's pantries, on Patra's Other Place on Jan.12th)), and I am also a List Person. I could not survive in the supermarket without a shopping list; in fact if I get there and have left my list behind, I get right back in my car to go home and get it!
I have kept a record of my stitching on my PC as well as on Webshots, so if my PC crashes, at least the information will be out there in cyberspace so I can find it again! But I do want to create some kind of a written/picture journal as well, and I started to do that with a spiral notebook. Couldn't get organised enough to go far with that, but I recently thought of creating an index card file, one card for each project. I could put a photo on one side, and the details on the other. Mmmm...give me another six months to find the time to actually do it.
As for goal setting: again, I had a notebook in a bag with my current stitching projects, with all the things I was committed to doing last year (and the year before). It worked to a degree, I suppose - I checked it now and again to remind myself of the dates things had to be finished by, and I crossed them off as I finished them. But I like Chelle's idea of doing a spreadsheet thing on the computer! Now all I need to do is take a course at our Living & Learning Centre on how to create spreadsheets and all that stuff!


Isabelle said...

I'm amazed at your supermarket list habit. I only ever have a list (apart from in my head) if I'm cooking something special that has ingredients I don't usually have. Otherwise I float vaguely about, picking up things as I see them that I'm reminded I need.

I do think as I shop of what meals we'll eat during the week, but I also know roughly what fruit, etc, we'll consume.

I have a friend who, like me, has had enough supermarket shopping to last a lifetime. She says she's always tempted, on going in, to grab the trolley of someone going out, and race for the car. Any old shopping would do, she feels. She's never actually done this.

Thanks for your nice comment. I don't feel like the saint you suggest I am, but I'll take the compliment anyhow!

Pam Kellogg said...

Hi Gina,

Oh, can I ever relate to that! My lists have lists! Ha, ha, ha!

Saw the message you left for me on my blog. So glad the last mag arrived safely and happy to know that you enjoy them so much!

The new Zweigart mag will be out soon. As soon as I receive my copies, I'll forward one on to you.


Maggie Ann said...

I always have lists with me. I will write on anything possible too. Teabags, receipts..you name it...=). My friend calls her notebook her 'brain'.

Chelle said...

Go for it, Gina! I enjoy using the computer to keep my lists. The index card file sounds like a pretty good idea, too. I used to be a secretary (years ago) and I type almost as fast as I think. For me writing by hand is like slow motion. I prefer the speed of the keyboard but truthfully I'd love to have something tangible when I'm done instead of just a digital record. Printing doesn't seem like the answer, either. Let me know how it works out for you!

Maggie Ann said...
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