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Monday, November 06, 2006

Update on my Christmas commission cross stitch.

I am humming along nicely with this project - stitched three hours nonstop today and covered quite a bit. I intend doing another scan to put on here, but it is such a pain to unscrew the frame from the stand, then put it back together again. That brings me to a bargain purchase I made last week at the Guild's 'Paddy's Market". The Guild hold this once a year; it is a kind of trash and treasure day for the members to sell their UFOs and other unwanted stash items to each other (and anyone else who comes on the day). I'd taken a heap of SINS and UFOs to sell, and was doing well - sold nearly $100 worth all up!
I popped into the room where the Guild had their own stuff for sale - this is stuff that outsiders have donated to the Guild, but is not suitable for the Guild Collection. Selling it off to members helps raise funds for the Guild; in fact I have willed my linen collection to the Guild for that purpose. There was a box of tapestry frames and stands, all in bits, and ladies were fossicking around trying to get enough pieces to make up one stand and/or frame, whatever they were after. By the time I got to it, most of the good stuff had gone, and all that was left was a stand with an enormous quilting hoop on it. I decided that Ken would be able to do any modifications needed, and snapped it up for $5. When I got it home, we found it didn't need any modifications at all - except for some extra holes to be drilled in my tapestry frame. I gave the quilting hoop to a friend who does quilting, and she was delighted to have it, even without the stand. As for me, I am also delighted! Those stands cost around $60 (including the tapestry frame I think), and I have been after one for years, but reluctant to spend the money. Wow, does it make life easier when stitching!

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Maggie Ann said...

Hey, I'm glad for you. What a great find and just what you needed too. Well, I'd better get to bed, you know how time flies when online! I haven't been over to visit you for a while though and thought it was time. I've enjoyed my visit very much too. Its put me into an upbeat mood..and is an encouragment to get stitching, if only for 15 min. a day. I've got so many things going...too many really, but I enjoy everything I put my hand to usually. Whats that saying...'variety is the spice of life?' well, I've got plenty of variety...grin. Goodnight Gina.