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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sharing my passion for linen.

Lee-Ann left a very warm and friendly comment a few days ago, relating to her visit to my home to see my linen collection. Thank you dear Friend, for those compliments about me - you know the feeling is mutual! I want to explain something here to those who read my blogs. I have made many new and close friends via the Internet in the last five years, and now and again I refer to those people and the things we do together from time to time. Lee-Ann and her hubby Rob have become great friends with Ken and I, and we have enjoyed each other's company enormously recently. But as I said to Lee-Ann, in deference to our husbands, I am not going to write a detailed account of every time we meet, as Ken and Rob are not 'into' blogging, and could be uncomfortable with our personal lives splashed all over the Net!
Having said that, I will go on to say that we have just spent a great two days in the country with Lee-Ann and Rob, and at their request, I presented a talk about my linen to a group of ladies up there. They were mostly middle-aged or older, and were delighted to have a look at the pieces I took along to show and tell, particularly the aprons. Ken had never seen me do my talk before, but he was a captive audience this time! Even he enjoyed it, probably because a lot of it relates to his Mum, as she has given me so much of her own work. I like to talk about that, as each piece has a special story or anecdote which makes it all the more interesting to my audience.

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Lee-ann said...

Gina, you know how Rob and I feel we are proud to call you both "our friends" and look forward to many times together with you both.

I am so pleased you had a lovely time and cannot thank you enough for the wonderful "show and tell" I had a phone call today from one of the ladies telling me how nice it was and what a friendly and entertaining lady you were. :o)

We will chat soon dear friend.