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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Replies to your comments.

I never fail to get a buzz out of reading all the comments left on my blogs, but I regret that I am remiss in acknowledging them sometimes. I try to visit all the bloggers who visit me, but if I haven't done so, please don't think I am just ignoring you - not so! I guess most of you know how it is. Blogging is such great fun, but sooooooooooooo time-consuming! And my blog isn't half as busy as some of those who read mine - I don't know how they have the time! Anyway, thanks to all of you who have left comments lately. Normah has been admiring my linens, particularly two crinoline ladies stitched in purple. She asked if I am a 'purple person'...which made me chuckle, thinking of the Purple People Eater song from the 50's! Yes, I do love all shades of purple, violet, mauve, etc., although I can't wear them successfully - just doesn't suit my skin tone, unfortunately. Catherine has also been enjoying looking at my collection, and mentioned that she has inherited linen from her Mother. She has promised to put some on her blog; I'll keep nagging you to do just that, Cathy! I absolutely love seeing things that people have inherited - so much of mine will never be identified, coming from auctions and op-shops...:-( Maggie is one of my most regular visitors - going by her comments on nearly all my pictures! I am so happy to know that she and others share my love of hand embroidered linen. For so many years I have been alone in my passion for it, but now I am surrounded by soul mates!


Lee-ann said...

Gina! :o) and to think I had my camera in my handbag too and Forget it was there what a ninni I am!

Let me just tell those who come to visit Gina and her blog to look at her beautiful vintage eMbroidery "you ain't seen nothing yet.
I was lucky enough to touch, hold, feel, and look at many but not all of her beautiful pieces and I am going back for more look see :o) that is for sure. just stunning comes to mind!

The pieces Gina does not have are not worth having! lol lol lol she has such a huge collection, such a beautiful collection all in order and easy to get at I just sat on her spare bed and went "O! my god!" about 100 times :o)


Not only may I add is Gina's collection lovely but the lady is too! :o)


Maggie Ann said...

I sure do love to admire your things Gina. Its a treat to see your collection of beautiful linens and recent additions. Needlework runs strongly in my Mother's side of the family, and I have it in my blood too as the saying goes. There is something so very satisfying and restful in doing needlework, (and did I forget to say beautiful) and also in enjoying the work of others, when you know right well, countless hours go into it. And then, the wondor of projects that actually get finished are worth thier weight in gold...well, in my opinion. Hope you have a pleasant day/evening Gina.