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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Today's eBay arrivals...

This duchess set and pair of miniatures are from the same eBay seller. She is fairly new on the eBay scene, and seems to have only top quality items, going by the linen I have won on her auctions so far. Guess I will be a regular patron from now on.. I finally signed up for Paypal today. Ken used to have a Paypal account which we used to pay for our occasional overseas eBay wins, but when my PC crashed a couple of years ago, for some reason we were not able to access the Paypal account any more, so we just let it lapse. But since I have been finding all those peacocks in the USA, and having to send money orders, it has cost me an extra $10 each time, not to mention sweating until I heard from the seller to say they had received my payment! So I opened up a new account in my name this time. Today I won another pair of pillowcases, and was able to pay the seller on Paypal, which means she can send them off almost immediately - yaaaay! Good Lord, what have I done now...made it easier for myself to bid for more overseas stuff without second thought - YIKES! Someone please lend me a set of brakes to slow me down - lol!!


Ribbonwiz said...

Good ole Paypal!
I love paypal too, but be careful Gina, it's easy to get carried away when it's so easy!! I know!

Sew-in-Love said...

Oooh, those are pretty! I won a couple of yummy kits on E-bay recently too. E-bay rules, OK!