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Monday, January 30, 2017

Vintage Semco design embroidery patterns

Sometimes I get emails completely out of the blue about linens, and I am careful to check that they are not spam or other sinister stuff. Most times they have been genuine inquiries from people who have read my stitching and linens blog, and want my advice on a vintage pattern, or have something they want to get rid of, but don't want to throw in a bin. A few weeks ago, I received such an email, from a lady whose mum did a lot of embroidery, and had kept all the patterns that came with the linens. She was reluctant to throw them away, thinking that somebody might be able to use them, and when she read my blog she thought I might be able to use the patterns or pass them on to someone else. I emailed back, saying I would be delighted to take them off her hands, and if I didn't have a use for them, I knew people who would. I offered to pay her but she said no, she was just happy they wouldn't be thrown out. So last week, this is what arrived in my mail box - a padded envelope with 35 Semco embroidery pattern sheets! I was gobsmacked to say the least!

Oh I wish I'd had these a few years ago...I have had many emails from ladies around Australia, who have inherited unfinished doilies and cloths from decease
d relatives, or found linens in opshops with no instructions, and they have asked me if it was possible to find the patterns anywhere.  I usually suggest they contact the Embroiderers Guild in their state, because the Guilds sometimes have a collection of patterns in their possession.  I thought about donating these to the Vic. Guild, but I'm not sure if they would want them, as when I was a volunteer there, I remember they already had a lot.  So I have decided to keep them, and I'm going to make up some kind of file or folder to keep them in, along with the patterns that I have done myself, and been unwilling to throw away.


Jane Galley said...

it's so good they are in their original packets too. I've got some of my great grandmother's patterns, none are in packets, lots came out of magazines

Anonymous said...

Hi Gina what an interesting post ,its awesome they are in their original packets.