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Sunday, November 06, 2016

A week later.

Well, I'm rolling along nicely.  In fits and starts as always though - depending on what is planned (or not) as each day dawns.  Some days there is nothing in the diary, and I think YES!  A day of crafts.  But there may be a surprise phone call, or the Man Of The House decides that we need to go somewhere...Ah well, there is always the night time when he has gone to bed and all is quiet.
Today was quiet though, because he hasn't been well, and stayed in bed all day which left me free to work and play to my heart's content (after I'd tended to his needs, of course).

So I was able to cut out and made four more teacup coasters, although one turned into a teapot coaster, because I cut the teacup fabric the wrong way up and it would have looked all wrong with the cups design upside down.  I think it looks quite cute though, so I might make some more like that.
The two on the right hand side are made from plain red and dark green (not black as it looks here) Xmas fabrics with a gold printed star design.

In my last post here I mentioned making a cushion for my friend Glenda, using some rabbit fabrics.
I was intending to use this as the front, and another rabbit fabric on the back, but it would have been wasted on the back, so I called Glenda to see what she would like me to make this up as, and she decided she would like it as a cushion.  So I will be making it up with a plain homespun backing, and the other bunny fabric will be used to make another cushion also with a plain back.  She loves bunnies!

The rabbit on this fabric is one of a set of four of these unusual designs on fabric that is available at our Quilt Shop.  There is a rabbit, fox, bear and owl.  I have added the black and white border from my stash.  Still thinking about what to made with the other animals.  Not keen on foxes or bears, so I might make them into placemats or something, and give them away, but the owl will be made up into something for me of course :-)

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Oh, I like the tea pot, that's a happy accident