"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Finished item, in progress item, experimental item.

...and more in the pile waiting to be started!
I bought this kit at the Eltham Quilt Shop about a month ago but only found time to make it up last week.  It will be great to take one of my many colouring books and a few pencils out somewhere and be able to sit and  'colour in' when I feel like veging out :-)

The kit came complete with all the fabrics and a zip, but I made a couple of modifications.  Instead of decorating the front with stars, I fussy cut a cat from some patchwork fabric and used that instead.

I didn't need a zip pocket (and I hate sewing zips into anything), so I just made a large pocket to hold the book without the extra zipped pocket.

The In Progress Item is my little batik ocean wallhanging.
I have added a mermaid to it, and have a little seahorse brooch which I will pin on when I have done all the stitching.

Finally, the experiment is something I saw in a library book, and wanted to try before the book was due back.  Stitching on velvet.  I never thought about doing that before I saw the instructions in the book, which had advice on putting velvet in an embroidery hoop, and how to mark the velvet with the stitching lines.  I based my stitching on one of the designs that was in the book, but used some colours that I had on hand.


Jane Galley said...

that's a very practical folder and a cat is much more appropriate :) the velvet really makes the stitching pop, looks fab

Kaisievic said...

Great folder for your colouring stuff and how are you finding stitching on velvet? I imagine that it would be quite difficult.

Linda Steele said...

I love your underwater scene, I have been addicted to underwater scenes this year. I usually keep away from velvet because I find it too thick to incorporate into my work but I might give it another go.