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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Time for sharing.

Today I spoke to the husband of my late friend D.  He said he has another box of her linens for me, and asked if I had been through the first three boxes.  I told him that I had sorted, washed and pressed all the items in those boxes, and they are ready to be shared with D's friends.  After that, I plan to make a quilt using some of the linens, and donate it to the Olivia Newton-John Cancer clinic in memory of  D, and he thought that was a lovely idea.  But I have to call them first to make sure they would welcome something like that, as they may already have a lot of quilts and such donated to them, and would not like any more at the moment.  Anyway I will ask

One of D's friends - J, came over here with her husband B. today.  J and I went through the linens, while Ken and B talked about their respective sound and hi fi systems.  They had only met briefly in the past, and I was pleased that Ken enjoyed B's company, as it can be tricky when you introduce your friends' partners to your spouse, and cross your fingers that they will find something in common!  J. took a bag of linens home with her to share with her friends who knew D, but it didn't make much of a dent in the pile!  So I will go through them again and put aside the ones I want to keep.  In the next day or so I'll call the Austin Hospital about making a quilt, and once I've got that sorted, I'll start distributing the remainder among interested friends.  I'll probably post photos here like I've done before, as I was happy to see so much go to people who would use them in some way.


Sharon said...

G, if you were to put some in the public domain of interested friends why not suggest a gold coin donation for each item... Not much to part with and the money raised could then go to a favorite charity ie cancer council or whatever... I would be happy to do that... One grain of sand starts a beach so to speak - just an idea..

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

How generous and big hearted you are! What a lovely idea for the cancer center. I also love the suggestion that Sharon has posted in her comment

Jane Galley said...

a quilt sounds like a lovely idea