"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Saturday, November 07, 2015

Second Friday at The Quilt Shop.

I was back at the Quilt Shop this morning, and it was very busy in there!  I didn't count the ladies at the sit and sew tables, but there were more than last week.  I took my scotty dog mini quilt to ask for advice about doing a mitred corner binding on it.  I've only done one before, on a small mat, so I'm not confident about doing that, but after the mess I made of the binding on the placemats I've just finished, I thought it was about time I learned how to do proper binding!   Just as well the placemats are for a bloke, and he couldn't care less about the binding, all he wanted was something with birds, and he's got them.

I was pointed in the direction of one of the ladies, who I was told was an expert on binding, and when I approached her she was surprised to hear that!  But she was very helpful - sat with me and explained how to do it right from the start, and pinned it into place for me so all I have to do is machine it this week and take it back next Friday when she will show me how to do the end bit.  I have been shown this before, and seen it in magazines and on You Tube, but there is nothing quite as good as being shown on the spot.
So hopefully this time next week I will have my Scotty Dog quilt finished and photographed to post here :-)


Jane Galley said...

sometimes, you just need to see things in the flesh. Glad there was someone there happy to help

Joy V said...

Quilters are very generous people. So pleased you have found a group of 'sit and sew' ladies. You can learn heaps from them. There is always someone who is an 'expert' and also someone who is new and many others in between. Each one has something to learn and something to teach.