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Saturday, October 24, 2015

New Quilt shop in Eltham!

In the 35 years I have lived in Eltham, there have been a variety of craft and fabric shops come and go, and the last patchwork shop which was only a few blocks away from me, closed a few years ago, before I started doing patchwork and quilting.  I have since regretted not going there more often while they were open, as I could have learned so much.  But now we have another quilt shop here - hooray!
I was checking my blogs last night, and noticed a comment from Sharon, asking me if I had been to the new quilt shop in Eltham.  She mentioned where it is and I couldn't believe it was only 5 minutes from our home!  I drive up and down Bridge Street about 5 times a week,  but hadn't seen the quilt shop on one of the corners...eeehh I need new glasses:-(

So I raced down there this morning and the sign hit me like a ton of bricks!  Funny how our mind can play such tricks on us; I wasn't expecting to see a quilt shop in that spot,  the last time I looked it was a bicycle shop, so why would I look in that direction again?
What a treasure trove - owned by two local girls who decided that Eltham needed a quilters shop, so they made it happen.  Huge shop, heaps of gorgeous fabrics, batting, fusible webbing, interfacing, needles, thread, patterns, books, and a big light airy space at the back for classes - YIPPEE!   I was so excited they were laughing at me :-)  In the past I have had to drive for miles to sewing classes, and missed out on many simply because I didn't want to drive for an hour there and back.  So I immediately purchased 2 metres of batting which I needed for my scotty dog mini quilt and some placemats I am making for a Christmas gift.  I had been putting off going across town to buy it, but now I don't have to :-)  I have a loyalty card, and am on their mailing list for future specials and events.
Ken said he is pleased for me, but I am sure he wishes I hadn't found it, as he knows I will be gone for days at a time, LOL!  At least I won't be far away if he needs me in an emergency.
Shop 2, 38 Bridge Street, Eltham.    How many bloggers who read my blog live nearby?  I know of quite a few who are NOTY (North Of The Yarra) quilters, and I am sure they will be as delighted as me, but I am wondering if there are other 'loners' like me out there?  Look forward to catching up with some of you!

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Sharon said...

He,he,he, he,he,he,he,he... G, you crack me up!!