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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Odds and ends.

Haven't done a lot of sewing lately because I've been distracted with some paper crafting.  But here are a few sewing related things that I've accumulated lately.  Some scraps of peacock themed fabric from Sue over at I Purr Furr to Craft.  She made something with these fabrics and I asked if there was any left over.  Don't know what I'll do with them yet -maybe a set of placemats, mug rugs, or they might even pop up in a crazy patchwork throw!

Below is a beaded necklace that my late mother-in-law made when she was young.  She did tell me how old she was when she made it, but I can't remember now.  Another example of 'should have written it down'..
She gave it to me and suggested as it is damaged, that I might pull it apart and use it in another craft project, but I've kept it intact, and rediscovered it in a drawer last week.  I showed it to someone who is an experienced beader, and she said it is a wonderful example of a certain type of beading (Parisian?) and I shouldn't destroy it.  So I got a piece of acid free board, taped some wadding to it, and found dark blue velvet to cover that, to mound the necklace on.  It will take a while to attach it, as I'll have to sew around the beads very carefully to hold it in place, but I think it is worth keeping, don't you?   Once I've attached the necklace to the padded surface I will take it to a professional framer and get it framed.

Today I found this teatowel in a gift shop for $5.95.   It is machine embroidered on waffle fabric, made in China, and was one of a stack of lovely designs.  OK, it is not a project for me to do, and it isn't even hand done, but you might know how much I love peacocks!   Maybe I should have posted this on my peacock blog...

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Jane Galley said...

it's a great way to preserve her work