"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Monday, December 29, 2014

Project list for the coming year.

 My friend Sharon gave me a little chicken shaped blackboard a few years ago, and I use it to keep track of my stitching and patchwork projects, writing them on it, and erasing each one as it is finished.  I did rather well in 2014, completing most of what I aimed to do.  I don't know yet if I will commit to another year of "One Xmas Project a Month", but it was fun, and I was pleased with myself for keeping up!  My last project for 2014 (apart from the Xmas ones)  was a table runner for a cyberspace friend, which will be a surprise for her, so I am hoping she doesn't read this blog, or the surprise factor will be shot, lol!

I found this gorgeous colourful fabric in an opshop and couldn't wait to use it.  There was about 3 metres, more than enough to make a runner for my friend and another for me :-)  One is slightly larger, and I've changed the border colours around a bit for each. Isn't it amazing what a difference the border colour makes to the main fabric!   I think the green border looks better, and that is the one I'll be sending to my friend.   I used the same backing for each one.  I finished these two today.

So what is on my new To Do list?  A cloth book for an autistic child, some more rooster coasters, 15 chook mug rugs for the girls on a forum I participate in, a bed runner for a friend interstate, and a hundred other things that I've seen in magazines and just have to do!  What is on your To Do list in 2015?


Sharon said...

Lol Gina - as usually to b****y to mention... However my SAL of Save the Stitches blackwork sampler will be my primary goal this year. While I don't think I will finish it - it will be fun to stitch along with the group I'm in...Hope you guys are fit and well. See you in the New Year x x

Sharon said...

* "too b***dy many to mention"

Linens and Royals said...

If I can finish my very ambitious cross stitch project of William and Kate in their wedding clothes I will be happy. I also have yet another doll house to renovate and some Royal knitting to finish.
I think 2015 will be very busy for both of us. But it is good to have plans in place. Sylvia

Jane Galley said...

I'm sure she will be delighted. I love seeing how these quilts change with the different borders. My to do list is too long to mention, but I have a nice pile next to my table to get me started