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Friday, July 04, 2014

Learning to tatt.

I foolishly enrolled myself into a three day (one day a week) class at the Embroiderers Guild, to learn tatting.  It needs to be said that I cannot knit, and have very limited experience in crochet, so why would I want to learn tatting?  Apart from how much I love the way it looks on the edges of linens and other decorative ideas, my late mother-in-law was the unknowing catalyst.  She was an excellent knitter and embroiderer, but didn't like to crochet, and couldn't do tatting.  She used to tell me how her grandmother tried to teach her tatting, but she (MIL) simply couldn't get the hang of it.

So with her in mind, I decided to have a go at learning, and if I succeed, I will send a little thought up to MIL on her heavenly cloud, and hope she will be proud of me.  Well, if she was up there watching me today, she would have been chuckling, I'm sure.  I was all thumbs - my fingers got hopelessly tangled with the cotton over and over again, and I am sure that our lovely tutor Sylvia had just about had enough of me by the end of the class!  The other five ladies seemed to have conquered it and had lovely long rows of neat knots while I was still struggling to hold the thread in place..

To make matters worse, Ken phoned me in the middle of the class.  Not on my mobile - I had it switched off.  So he phoned the Guild office and the hostess on duty came looking for me.  I was so embarrassed, and furious at Ken for calling about something that he could have dealt with himself!  The girls were laughing at me when I came back in cursing him, and I was so mad I completely lost concentration, which didn't help the tatting.

My usual reaction to this kind of situation is to not go back to the remaining classes, but Sylvia could see I was not in a good frame of mind, and she said "Don't go home and cry - just keep having a go.  It will come, trust me.  It took me months!"  So I got my shuttle and thread out after tea and showed Ken what he had interrrupted  (he was exceedingly apologetic, I might add), and lo and behold, I did one perfect little knot!
So I'll keep practising and see how we go next Friday.  No photos to show now, and don't hold your breath for next week - ha  ha!


Melody said...

Poor Gina, I'm sure you will get it in the end.

Linens and Royals said...

Tatting is something I would love to be able to do so good luck with your class. Don't forget to show some pics. as you go. I wouldn't even attempt to try so you are being very brave, keep at it. Sylvia

Annie said...

I could never get the hang of tatting either. But sounds like you had a breakthrough! Waiting to see your first sample!

Liz said...

I was taught tatting at a young age (that probably helped), but since I don't do much of it I always struggle at first. Getting the hang of holding the thread is difficult sometimes. But once that's mastered, you'll learn quicker and even enjoy it. Really!

Lakshmi Sadala said...

Gina me too love tatting and crochet edgings..tried many a times to learn tatting but could not get the hang of it..after you posted your trials I may try again..

Jane Galley said...

I shall watch your progress with interest, it's something I always fancied trying

Gina E. said...

OMG...what have I started? I'm going to have egg on my face if I don't get it right, lol!

Robyn said...

Lol, if at first you don't succeed try, try again :). I'm still learning how to knit after 30 years as I still drop stitches! Hang in there.