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Saturday, March 08, 2014

First apron finished for Ballarat Apron Festival.

The pattern for this child's apron was in Handmade magazine.  My version is a bit different; I used calico instead of pink fabric for the apron, and pink icecream instead of the the colour in the pattern.  It only took me two nights, so I'm thinking of making two more, for Ken's niece's little girls.  They would look so cute in these!  I still have to embroider words on this ("Sweet Tooth") but I would stitch their names on if I made them for the kids.

Today I found this gingham hand made apron at our opshop, and as the next apron I'm planning to make has a gingham base, this turned up at the right time - it will save me making one! All I have to do is applique the pattern items on the front.

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Jane Galley said...

Oh, I love these little aprons