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Monday, April 30, 2012

Storage of fiddly bits, and making bunting.

The storage of fiddly bits first:
Lyn over at Moore Patchwork was bemoaning the state of her ric rac collection - all tangled up in a box.  I suggested she sort it out and wind each length around pieces of cardboard, and she was most grateful.  Here is what mine looks like now.  I keep them in one of those plastic containers that you store frozen pastry sheet in - I bought mine at Coles a few years ago.

The lace is another story.  There is far too much of that to put in the same container, although I do wind the lengths around cardboard sheets.  But they are all in a plastic pack thing that I bought in a mail order catalogue. They are meant for storing clothes, but of course you can use them for anything you like, and I have many of them, filled with fabrics, magazines and other stuff.  Too much STUFF, that's my problem..

Now - the bunting.  I've never really been into bunting, but I've noticed that a lot of craft magazines and website are talking about it lately.  When I saw a tutorial on here yesterday, I thought it looked like a fun thing to do before I start my next 'serious' project.  Actually, finishing a project is more like it - I still have to embellish my April CQ block for CQJP2012.   But I needed something sort of mindless before I tackled that, so here is my very first attempt at Bunting!
The tutorial specifed bias binding 25mm wide, and the blue was all I had in that width.  The fabrics I used are batiks left over from the quilt tops I've been making.


Annie said...

I never thought about putting those notches in the cardboard. Great idea.. my wound rickrack always falls off!

I've seen a lot of these buntings around too. I actually had to google the term.. I new nothing about them. Yours look very nice.

Linens and Royals said...

I think bunting has become so popular now because of the Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics. There are even patterns for knitted bunting. A good way to use up scraps of wool and fabric. Sylvia

Yesteryear Embroideries said...

A great way to organize!I was not aware of how popular bunting has gotten.

Catherine said...

I like the way you are organized. So easy to find what you need. Thanks for sharing.