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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Works in Progress.

I vowed I was not going to do this again (work on more than one project at a time), but I can't help myself. I committed myself to an exchange on Stitchin Fingers, which was silly of me, but as I initiated the exchange, I felt obliged to be in it. I'm swapping biscornus with Kim in the USA, and this is where I'm up to so far. I'm stitching on 28ct linen for a change. Pam K. sent me a heap of hand dyed linens ages ago, and I chose a pink piece for this project.
This is as far as I've got with one of my UFOs on this year's list. I've only been stitching it when I am in a waiting room somewhere, because it is portable, and I don't have to refer to a pattern. I've finished the two matching doilies, but won't show them here until I've finished this centrepiece.
I saw this design on another Stitching forum I belong to, and purchased three copies, as it is a fund raiser for Qld. flood and cyclone victims. It is so cute, and only $5, and I was so distressed by the catastrophe in Qld, I felt impelled to start work on it straight away. If anyone wants to buy one, you can contact the designer Carrol Nielsen at her website www.carrolsx-stitch.com


Miss 376 said...

lovely variety of projects. You won't be getting bored any time soon

Lyndel said...

Oh I love the peacock centerpiece!

Pam Kellogg said...

Gina, it's been awhile since I've done my blog hopping! Love the peacock piece! And when did you get a kitty? I'm so out of it!!!

Hope your weather improves soon. Hope our weather improves soon too!

Hugs, Pam

Lakshmi said...

Hello Gina, peacock is so nice..
hope everything is going fine at your end..

Linens and Royals said...

Thanks for the tip Gina, I will send for a Hugs for Queensland chart and also mention it at Doll club next week. Lots of keen stitchers there and the design is so sweet.
The peacock doiley is looking great, an original 1950's design I think.

Annie said...

Love your peacock stitchery piece!

Cute design for the Qld fund raiser. You feel so helpless when you hear about such disasters. Hopefully the stitchers will raise a pretty penny.