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Sunday, January 02, 2011

CQ goodies from Pam K.

For a few years, I have been reading the blog of Pam Kellogg, and it was largely her influence that got me started on crazy patchwork, although I don't embellish my projects to the extent that Pam does. Her stitching and beadwork is fantastic! Knowing she loves collecting lace, I've been buying laces whenever I see them at opshops, and every now and then I post her a parcel of laces, just 'cos she is a lovely lady! She is also a very generous person, and as well as sending me American needlework magazines that aren't available here, she has also sent me several examples of her stunning CQ works. I purchased one from her Etsy shop, but the other three she has sent out of the goodness of her heart. I recently asked her permission to post pictures of them on my blog, and she said that was fine with her. So here they are, and to dear Pam, thank you very much again for your generosity and friendship. My best wishes to you and hubby for a very happy, healthy and peaceful New Year. (BTW, I've just mailed another package to you!)
This is actually a 12" square wall hanging - Red Hat Society theme.
Pink and Black cushion with cord to hang.
Slightly larger cushion with peacock theme.
Cell phone pouch, also using a peacock theme. Can you tell, we both love anything with peacocks!


loulee said...

I have some of Pams Crazy pieces. They are stunning objects to look at. Most of mine are purses and bags and they always attract a lot of attention when I use them. Pam is a wonderfully kind and warm hearted person, I love her to bits.
Happy New Year.

Anne S said...

Those are some real treasures from Pam - just beautiful :D

Happy New Year to you and Ken - hope 2011 is a year filled with wonder for you both :D

Pam Kellogg said...

Gina, thank you so much for your lovely compliments on my work!

Happy New Year to you and Ken!

Love & Hugs!!!