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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Last minute Fabric postcard

The Postcard Group on Stitchin Fingers didn't have a Christmas swap organised, so I jumped in last week and said we still have time to do one. There are six of us - three Aussies and three overseas, so I've paired each Aussie up with a 'foreigner', and my partner is Sheila in Scotland. Here is my fabric postcard which will be mailed tomorrow (Monday 13th) and hopefully, will arrive before the 25th. If I'd had a few more days, I would have added beads and sequins to liven up the stitching, but I think the Smiley button cheers it up a bit!
Completely unrelated to this post, but not worth creating a new one: I've just posted pics of a new apron on my Aprons blog for anyone who is interested.


Lyndel said...

Morning Gina! Love these 'postcards' what a lovely way to keep in touch with friends. Yes, I'm in the East, but a bit closer in than you, we live in Burwood. Close to lots of lovely OpShops!!

sheilasanderson said...

Why did I look at your blog.now it will not be a surprise........... Ready to post yours, but cannot find address..know it is a Po Box..so can you e.mail me please

Komodojr said...
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