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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Additions to the linen collection!

One of my old friends who sells on eBay, contacted me last week to tell me she had a couple of boxes of linens from estate auctions, and invited me to drop by for a look. I said I wasn't buying any more, but I'd love to look...I came home with some lovely goodies to think about, and have decided that my collection will be enhanced with these items:
Square centrepiece with darling crocheted edge of teacups and teapots.
I already have two of these scotty dog doilies, but done in different stitching.
I also have this peacock cloth in the same design, but a different colour scheme. Unfortunately this cloth is rather badly damaged around the edge, so it might end up cut up for a patchwork project.
Beautiful little cloth stitched in variegated thread, Lagertera design...I think.
I try to avoid adding whitework to my collection, as it opens up a whole new parameter in my range, but would you refuse this piece? Absolutely stunning pulled/drawn thread work.
This cloth is unspectacular to a layperson, but it is so perfectly embroidered, I cannot tell the difference between the back and front.
This is one of a pair of hand or tea towels, also in a Lagertera style design. At first I thought the fabric was huckabuck, but it is actually 14 ct. Aida.
I don't usually buy other people's cross stitched work, but this example is done on linen, and so finely worked, that I decided to include it.


Ruthie's Greetings (Handmade Cards) said...

I love the peacock one!

woof nanny said...

The teacup border is adorable!