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Friday, August 28, 2009

Surprise package from a cyberspace friend!

It is such a delight to 'meet' people around the world via the internet, and share your interests with them on the various websites and forums dedicated to hobbies and crafts. I've made a whole lot of new friends through Stitchin Fingers, one of whom is Judy B. who lives in South Australia. Having discovered my passion for vintage linens of all kinds, she emailed me last week to say she was sending me some stuff that I might like. It is from a deceased estate of a lady who belonged to Judy's quilting group. Judy's parcel arrived today, and in addition to the items below, it contained three children's aprons which can be seen on my apron blog. A charming little blue bird in cross stitch. My first thought was to put it in a card to send someone, but then I decided I would rather keep it, so it may end up as part of something else, such as a Crazy patch block.
I believe this is an example of 'shadow work' - beautifully done, and it may also end up as part of something larger. I'm really not sure what this was going to be...it is hand stitched through several layers of cotton and padding.
Transfers!! This envelope contains several large sheets of a variety of transfer designs - what fun!
These three doilies will be passed on to somebody else who likes to embroider vintage linen; I already have so much in my stash, I cannot justify keeping these. If you are the first person to post a comment on here expressing interest in having these three to play with - they're yours! Judy used this cute card to write her explanation of how she got these items. Thanks again Judy - everything is much appreciated!!


Lakshmi said...

Hi Gina,
This is lakshmi from India..im interested to have these designs.Its quite interesting to work on something new and from other part of the world..In India we dont get these type of materials. So Im happy if i get them.

Miss 376 said...

What a lovely parcel to receive. I can imagine the excitement as each piece came out

Pear tree cottage! said...

talking to you on he phone as I type this hehehehehe!


Gina E. said...

I am delighted to see Lakshmi win my linen giveaway, as I know she had been reading my blog for a while, and I often visit hers. I have just added her blog to my list, so go visit! http://sadalas.blogspot.com/

Lakshmi Sadala said...

Hello Gina hope you are doing fine..
I have started new blog and copying from my old blog..
nice you send beautiful linens. I still couldn't complete 2 of them which you send later.
I am giving you the link to my new blog.