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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Additions to my stash.

Here are some of the goodies my EGV friend gave me. (The aprons that she also gave me are on my Apron blog here.) This is one corner of a beautiful vintage pure linen Semco tablecloth which has only had this bit of stitching done on it. There are no instructions, but it appears that the stitcher was going to use the one colour for the whole cloth, and it would look stunning when finished. These are unworked doilies, some complete with instruction sheets. Very old Faultley designs; I am guessing from the 1940's. This gorgeous little supper cloth has been embroidered and finished. I don't know how W. could part with it - I love it! Two pieces of embroidery with an unusual provenance. W. tells me they were done by a 'model stitcher' (person who stitches projects for display purposes in magazines, shops, etc.), who only had to do half of the item to be displayed in a shop. The stitching on both of them is perfectly executed; there is no way I would try to finish off either of them - the difference would be so great that it would spoil the whole thing! These bits and pieces are some remnants from the Remnant Drawer at the EGV. I was pleased to find the tartan material, as I have been wanting to do a small cross stitch project with a Scottish theme. The illustration in the book shows it finished off with a frame of tartan material, which I didn't have until now. The sparkly bit of fabric was cut from an item of clothing that someone left for scrap purposes, and everyone has been hacking small bits off for their own purposes! I will use the little piece with violet flowers in a crazy patchwork project, as I have several bits of purple fabrics that will tone with it. ************** Finally, I stopped off at an opshop on the way home yesterday, and found this little kit for $1 - had to have! It will make a nice gift for someone.

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