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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Two more...

This is a home made cushion cover, which looks pretty, but ordinary at the moment. My plan is to put something in the centre square, such as a doiley from my collection. Or, I could iron on one of the many transfers I have, and embroiderer something myself. Either way, I just couldn't pass up this pretty item with its possibilities!
I nearly missed this tiny gem, while I was riffling through a large box of doilies, most of which were crocheted and held no interest for me. But when this fell out of the pile, I grabbed it! It is a cover for an old fashioned powder compact. The embroidery is beautiful, with grub roses, one single strand used for the leaves, and delicate crocheted edging. It is embroidered on both sides.

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Gerry said...

You have posted some truly lovely pieces recently. Thanks for sharing them.