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Thursday, December 20, 2007

This week's other goodies.

Ken did not believe me when I told him I found this beautifully embroidered bag in a Salvation Army thrift shop for $1. I replied "Well, I actually bought two bags for $1 each - this one and another suede bag - both in excellent condition!
This lovely table runner is my latest eBay win from one of my favourite sellers in Qld.
These were found in an opshop in Bulleen (not far from Eltham). I had one of my senior friends with me and we stopped for a coffee at this little shopping strip. The opshop was next door to the cafe, so we had a look before we went home. B. found some wineglasses for 20c each, which, she said, at that price, I don't care if they do get broken in the dishwasher! In the meantime I was fossicking around in a plastic box full of material scraps and found these napkins. Sadly there were only three, not four as one would have expected to find. But at $1, who's counting!!


The Lone Beader said...

Lucky find! Your peacock bag is cute! :D

Chelle said...

Great finds! The table runner is especially pretty.