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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Current state of affairs - zilch!

It's a week since I posted anything to this blog, but on the linen and stitching side, there is nothing to write about. I do have some nice additions to my collection, but they are too big to put on the scanner, so you won't see them until I am able to use my digital camera. I have done a few rows of stitching on my Indian Chief cross stitch picture, but not worth recording here. The good news is that I have finished stitching the peacock on a vintage duchess set I have been working on for some time. Now all I need to do is the flowers and other background items, and the set can be washed and ironed, and placed on my dressing table!
For those of you who are looking for eye candy, I have some goodies on the way from the USA and England, so don't give up on me yet!


Chelle said...

Looking forward to seeing the goodies you have on the way. Sounds like you're making great progress on the duchess set. Yeah!

Gail said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. You have some beautiful pieces stitched. Looking forward to seeing your goodies when they arrive. You mentioned in your comment to me regarding needleroll patterns. You can use any small rectangular pattern for a needleroll. After stitching your pattern you just count 14-16 threads from the finished stitching and remove 4-5 threads(this is your ribbon row). You need to hem this top and bottom. Then hem stitch again 8-10 treads after that. Stitch both sides together, turn the right way out, thread ribbon and stuff. Hope this helps........

Gina E. said...

Hi girls, thanks for commenting! Gail, thank you very much for those instructions on making needlerolls. I am going to save all that on my computer so I can print it off and keep it with my file of patterns etc. that I download from the net.

Maggie Ann said...

I would never give up on you finding more eye candy for us to admire! You have so many lovely things now, you could repost some and I'll bet I wouldn't know it...grin. Thanks for the so-nice comment you left me at knitting kat. I thought my Grandma's house was so wonderful...no grouchy husband for her..(they were separated for years, he was a drinker that got violent when under the influence). My Dad didn't drink, but could be grouchy...guess you gathered that...=). Anyway, Grandma and my maiden Aunt who married later on, slept when they felt like it, read all night if they wanted too, etc. Throw in some cozy cats and a full candy dish...magic!!!

Lee-ann said...

Hello Gina,
did you get my email? :o) will chat soon promise. I am looking forward to your talk and will I am sure find a moment to talk to you about it. Rob has told many of the guys that Your dear hubby will be with us that night and they all look forward to chatting with him.

I too am looking forward to seeing your new pieces when they arrive.

hugs to you dear friend.