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Sunday, July 16, 2006

At last! Some eye candy.

What better way to spend a cold grey Sunday afternoon, than scanning some linen and loading it on to a blog? Ken and I have spent most of this afternoon on our computers - he has been burning DVDs for friends and struggling with his scanner/printer to print the labels and covers. Nice to see I'm not the only one who is challenged by technology! Isabelle said in a comment below that she assumed I was comfortable with technology, going by my scanned pictures on the blogs. Believe me, I can only do these things when some kind person sits next to me and shows me step by step! Ken being a typical bloke does NOT like to think I know better, so I have had to button my lips in order to prevent several arguments today!
There is washing on the line to bring in and put in the dryer (it won't get dry outside today), and ironing to be done. I still have to decide what to have for tea (probably open a can of soup), and I was going to bake a cake. Well at 4 pm I still have time to do those things, and I have already scanned my latest linen finds. The teatowels were $1 each, and I also bought another one (unstitched) for $1 - what a bargain! Irish linen teatowels - if you can find them - are usually about $12 or more. The cloth and teacosies were from England.


Pat said...

Hello Gina and nice to see you back. Aren't those sand sculptures something else ~~ and they really are sand. It's an annual event on the coast here and each year it just gets better. Sculptors from around the country come out to play and show their talents.

Your newest linen finds are too sweet. I do love tea cozies. Pat

Maggie Ann said...

Learning about technology and how to 'drive it' may come slow at times, but once we've got it down pat...we're off and away..right.grin. Its scary though how fast 24 hours zip by. I should be ironing right now...I guess..anyway, Happy day to you!

norththreads said...

Looks & sounds like youve gotten some amazing scores!! Love the scotties!

ms*robyn said...

Gina, did you get the black cat that I sent in the email?