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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Op shops can be full of wonderful finds!

Yesterday I had some time to spare in between clients, so I browsed around a few local op shops. The first one was Savers, which is a HUGE place, but I rarely find anything worth saving in there as far as my linen collection goes (although I do buy most of my clothes there!). They have a lot of tablecloths, but mostly printed, and the doilies are all crocheted, which I don't collect. The next op shop was a small one at the back of Savers, and I have sometimes found little treasures in there. Yesterday I found two! A beautifully stitched little cloth with a crinoline lady in each corner. It was $6, and a comment on the price tag noted there was 'moth holes' on the cloth. Well, they weren't - it was actually just wear and tear of the fabric in one small spot, and barely noticeable. The other item was a small doiley which had a design of tulips stitched in rayon thread, which gave it a lovely sheen. Nicely stitched also - I take my hat off to whoever did it; rayon is awful stuff to work with, although I now have "Thread Heaven" to help me next time I use it. Should be interesting to see if it makes any difference!

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