"It takes ages to finish a quilt you're not working on!"

Friday, November 04, 2022

Sad news.

 For anyone still reading this blog, who hasn't heard from another source, my husband Ken died last week on 26th October.  He has had COPD for nearly 20 years, but the past couple of years have been hard for him, as his heart and lungs deteriorated.  He was at home having palliative care for the last few months, as I didn't want to send him to hospital or a nursing home, as I could care for him just as well at home, and he wanted to be home anyway.  While I am sad and will miss him, after 43 years of marriage, it was a bonus having him 20 years after the first heart attack, as I was told he probably wouldn't last for another year.  Also, being with him when he died peacefully, was better than in a hospital.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Stitching for the Ukrainians.

 My friend Sharon alerted me to a cross stitch pattern designed by Kateryna Stitchy Princess in Ukraine, who sells her patterns on Etsy to supplement her income.  Sharon saw her on a Facebook group, but as I'm not on Facebook, she posted the details to me.  I purchased the pattern for about A$5.50, barely enough to buy a coffee here, but helps someone in a war torn country to buy food and essentials.

She creates the most beautiful designs, and I hope more stitchers around the world will be encouraged to buy her patterns (they are downloaded to your computer when you pay - nothing is sent by mail that might get lost in transit) to  help her survive

StitchyPrincess | Etsy

This is the one I purchased:

And this is what I have done so far.

Monday, March 14, 2022

 So I am just going to pull out the photos on  my hard drive of all the stuff I've made during 2021 and so far in 2022.  Mixture of embroidery, cross stitch, patchwork and quilting. Some unfinished.

Any questions, just let me know.

Monday, February 07, 2022


 Well, I seriously doubt if anyone reads this any more,but as it was originally set up for my own purpose of recording what craft projects I make, I suppose I should update it.  There have been a few quilts made since my last post in early 2021, and a bit of stitching completed and worked on.

So I will dig out the photos and do a write up soon.  But don't hold your breath...anybody who is here.

Saturday, June 05, 2021

The first half of 2021.

 Okay, maybe I'm wrong, and hadn't posted anything since the first post for 2021.  This is all I could find on  my 2021 projects folder!  Admittedly I have done a lot of sketching, painting, colouring in and reading this year so far, but I really thought I'd done more sewing!

The cross stitch below is a kit that has been in a cupboard along with others for many years.  I pulled it out this year to be included in the Home Makers UFO monthly challenge.  Technically, it wasn't a UFO as it hadn't been started, but our little group isn't fussy about technicalities, LOL.

I made the mug rug below for my Bowen therapist, who had given me one of her business cards, which you can see tucked behind the mug rug.  When I saw the card I said to Kathy "Oh!  I have some fabric with gum leaves on it just like that.  Would you like me to make something for you?"  She was delighted with it, and said she has it in her office where her patients can see it :-)

This is the tiger cross stitch wall hanging which I finished after I posted a pic of the unfinished article in January.  The back is a piece of fabric with wild cats over it - leopards I think, not tigers. 

This is not a good photo as the quilt top was on the clothes line and half of it is in the sun, and half in the shade.  I have the backing and batting ready to finish it, and when that's done, I'll take a better pic.  The fabric was a fat quarter pack of a pattern called Aussie Christmas, but you can't see anything clearly enough here to understand why it was called that!  Anyway, you can see the design which was from a collection of postcards that our Quilt Shop sells, giving basic instructions for a quilt on one side, and a photo of the finished item on the front.  

Updates to be done.

 Well,  I suppose I can be grateful that the Blogger admin saw fit to reinstate my first post for the year, but I'm sure there were more since then.  I'll have to go through my photos on my computer and re post the ones of projects I've been working on since then.  

In the meantime, here is a quilt that I finished today.  One of my brothers died in April, and I asked his wife if she would like me to make a quilt for her, using Bryan's shirts.  She doesn't do any kind of craft herself, but loves to see what I've made, so she thought my suggestion was lovely.  I used two of Bryan's flannelette shirts and a pair of flannel pyjamas, and  I used an old flannelette sheet for the backing.  The wadding is made from old fleece tracksuit pants that I was going to throw out, until I figured out if I cut them up and sewed the pieces together, there would be enough to fill a quilt!  I am so pleased with the way it turned out - not just the design, but how warm it will be for my SIL to cuddle into on a cold night while she is reading or watching t.v.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

What is is the Blogger admin doing ???

 I had several posts here in 2021 so far, and they have now been deleted.  I got a message from Blogger saying the posts were offensive.  Excuse me???   How can text and photos about quilting and embroidery be offensive to anyone??  I am really annoyed abou this.

Monday, March 01, 2021

A good start to 2021

 I thought I had updated this blog but apparently not.  I found my mojo in January and finished two quilts.  The first one is one of the two appliqued tops made by our Quilt Shop class tutor, and given to me to finish, and donate to a bushfire recovery centre.  The first one was done and sent off, but this one sat around all last year because I didn't feel like doing anything.  When I finally finished it, so many people asked me 'why don't you keep it, it is beautiful'.  So I asked the managers at the shop as well as Leanne, and they said it was fine if I wanted to keep it.  Instead of this one, I donated one of the quilts I'd made for for the nursing home that was still in my sewing room.

The second quilt was originally for the Avicultural Society annual Christmas raffle but as there have been no meetings, there have been no fund raising raffles, so at the moment this quilt is draped over  the back of our sofa.

The origin of this project was the tiger which is done in cross stitch on black aida, with the black and brown border in cross stitch.  I found it at an opshop and couldn't bear the thought that it might end up being thrown away, so I brought it home to make into something.  I have a lot of African animal print fabrics and tried a few different arrangements, but eventually settled on this, which will be finished with black binding.  The backing fabric is a piece of animal print fabric that was just the right size with a bit of extra border.  When it is all finished I will post more photos.

I was sure I had finished another quilt in January, but can't find any photos...I have cut a bundle of fat quarters in sections ready to make up, but that won't be done for a little while because I have some stitching I want to get on with this month.